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Ενδεικτικό Υλικό Παιδαγωγικής Στήριξης Μαθητών | Μαθητριών ΥΠΠΑΝ

Εκπαιδευτική Τηλεόραση


Το GCompris είναι λογισμικό υψηλής εκπαιδευτικής ποιότητας και προσφέρει περισσότερες από 100 δραστηριότητες για παιδιά ηλικίας 2 έως 10 ετών.

Earth History

Select one of the times from the list on the left and travel through time and check out what the Earth looked liked in the far distant past or what it might look like far into the future. At each stop there is more information about each geological time period.


The Exploratorium isn't just a museum; it's an ongoing exploration of science, art, and human perception. Explore our vast collection of online experiences to feed your curiosity and education resources supporting online teaching and learning.


Πειράματα Φυσικής και Χημείας για παιδιά, χωρισμένα κατά κατηγορίες και επιδεξιότητες. Έχει οδηγίες προς τα παιδιά και αν χρειαστεί και προς τους γονείς.

Museum for Unnatural Mystery

Museum for Unnatural Mystery Μια συλλογή από θέματα που βρίσκονται σε ένα μουσείο.

Astronomy for Kids!

Αστρονομία για Παιδιά Παιδική Αστρονομική Σελίδα με puzzle, Εικόνες από την Γή, Μηνιαίους αστρονομικούς Χάρτες του ουρανού καθώς και Post-Card.

The Universe is a place that is vast beyond imagining, and what we will try to do is help you understand a little more about it. There are several sections to the site, but none of them takes a terribly long time to read, and all of them should be easily understood by kids of all ages.

Εξερευνητής της Γης

Earth Science Explorer

Earth Science Explorer helps students become explorers too. Earth Science Explorer has two floors. The Earth floor presents Earth science fundamentals, such as cycles, spheres, and geologic time. The Dinosaur floor examines dinosaur extinction and some of the hypotheses that might explain it.

Exploring the Environment®

The new climate change modules bring to 31 the total of modules and activities available in Exploring the Environment, all for free. Each of them puts students in problem-based learning scenarios based on actual situations. The modules cover topics such as weather, population growth, land use patterns, water pollution, and, of course, global climate change

History of life on Earth

A series of interactive modules that explore the history of life on Earth, while focusing on the processes of science. Each module contains suggested lesson plans and an extensive teacher’s guide.

Εικονικές Εξερευνήσεις.

Virtual Exploration Society

 Εχει Virtual εξερευνήσεις σε πολλά μέρη της Γής. Βόρειος Πόλος, Αρχαία Αίγυπτος, Αμαζόνιος κλπ

Welcome to the Virtual Exploration Society. Listen while the older members recount exciting true stories of explorers who have risked life and limb in the persuit of knowledge. Paddle down the Amazon with Percy Fawcett. Drive a dogsled to the North Pole with Peary and Henson. Go to a mysterious isolated island with the Burden Expedition to capture a living dragon. Risk an ancient Egyptian curse with Howard Carter as he opens the Tomb of King Tut.